Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yeah, I'm a little disapointed

So, the craft boutique didn't go as good as I had expected it to. I had expected that I would at least sell $100 of bags, but I barely brought in $50. That doesn't bring up my ticker much, but at least it is something. And I did get to practice setting up my table and my new display rack.
The day was not a loss for my friends that I was with either. One of them make $628!!!!! I have never heard of anyone making that much in one day at a boutique! Today just wasn't my day. One other thought I have. . . . the boutique was in a very posh area of San Diego called Point Loma. Most of the women there were carrying designer purses, and I am thinking that they really don't have any interest in bags that don't have a designer name.
Well, there is another one next week, and then there's always etsy. I am off to bed very soon.........

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