Friday, December 5, 2008

The tiredness has to wait

Well, I definitely completed by list from yesterday and then some. If I had more energy, I would post a pic, but I still have more sewing to do, and the tiredness is setting in. I just have to put it off for a few more hours so that I can finish the last four bags that I need to get done for the boutique tomorrow.
I am so excited for tomorrow, but I am also trying to be realistic. It is so easy to get pumped up about selling everything, but then it stinks to not do so well. I am bringing a lot with me though, so the chances of making sales is very good. Every little bit counts toward my new machine!!!!
I really want to find a thermometer ticker to show my progress toward my goal of $500. . . . . . Can't look now, must go back to sewing!!!

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