Saturday, December 20, 2008

Introducing Juki

Here she is!!!!! An 1181-N Juki walking foot machine, or in plain english, my dream machine! I was so excited the other day that I was unable to fully unfold all that the Lord did to make this dream a reality. So here it is:
About a month ago my Janome started giving me problems. I needed a new needle plate, and so a friend of mine suggested that I talk to Ron at Sewing Machines Plus in San Marcos. Immediately he informed me that I needed an industrial machine, and that I was crazy for ever thinking that a little home sewing machine would cut through the layers that I am sewing. Anyway, so my journey to find the perfect machine began. After many hours searching random sights on Google, emailing people all over the country and visiting a store in LA, I determined that an 1181 was the perfect machine for me. The only problem was that I didn't have the $950 needed to make it mine. I was devastated! Tim and I started praying about how to come up with this money. We are still trying to keeps our heads above water financially, and our credit is in shambles because of the job loss, so financing was out of the question, and we weren't sure about asking our parents.
At the beginning of this week while sorting some fabric, it dawned on me that I could sell my court reporting equipment. I listed it all on craigslist that day without a lot of hope that it would sell. The next morning, a man called and made me an offer for $400, and I took it. At this point, I was just excited to be over half way to my goal of $950. Later that afternoon while searching craigslist for the thousandth time, I ran across an ad that I had somehow over looked in Orange County. The ad was for an 1181 and she was selling it for $600, just $80 more than what the Lord had provided. So Tim agreed that I could use some money from our budget to make up for the difference, and we picked it up tonight. I am still in shock; the Lord just always amazes me with his sovereignty. Once again, I am convinced that I constantly need to be reminded that I need to wait on the Lord more, and rely less on myself. The waiting can be horrible, but the outcome is often more than we could have ever imagined.
So does this new machine solve all our problems, of course not. But it has affirmed for me that I am moving in the right direction, and that I should continue to sew to pay off this debt that we are enslaved to. Glory be!

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