Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, as much as I love celebrating the birth of our Savior, I am glad that this Christmas season is over. For some reason, this year just felt really hectic and I really couldn't enjoy it. Honestly, I think that so much of my time and energy has been focused on making bags, that I didn't take the time to appreciate this season. I think this is a common problem, but I guess I am just more aware of it this year. So I am totally ready to take down the decorations and begin this new year!
Speaking of the new year, I guess I should start praying about what changes I need to make. Not that I am not already aware of more than a few, but I really want to pray about setting goals and relying on the Lord to accomplish them. Here are a few of my new year's "goals" for Rejoice! this year:
-To reach as many people as possible with the Gospel by incorporating that message into my bags
-To keep up with my bookkeeping
-To keep my sewing room organized at all times (more to come on this)
-To get to the point that I can rent/lease a small industrial space by the end of next year

So I know I have some pretty lofty goals for this business, but really those have been my goals from the beginning, and I just have lost track of them. It is easy to do the fun stuff like buying fabric and designing new bags, but I am praying that the Lord will show my ways to stay on top of the nitty gritty stuff. Anyone have any ideas???

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