Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homemade Advent Calendar

Every year I make the goal to follow an advent calendar with the boys, and every year, so far, I (we) have failed to follow through. So I decided we need more than a piece of paper or a candy filled countdown calendar to use. . . but we don't have the extra money to purchase what I had pictured in my mind. I knew I would have to make one. :)
Then I remembered that I bought this (McCall's M5778) pattern weeks ago to make little Christmas tree decorations. That pattern also includes a Christmas card holder, which is in the shape of a big Christmas tree. Perfect! Here's what I did:

1. Cut pattern. I used some green fabric (I think it's a bottomweight) that I was given, but I would recommend using 72" green felt from Joann's.

(I had to use my kitchen table!)

2. If you are not using the felt, you'll need to iron on interfacing. Decor Bond works really well if you have heavier weight fabric like this bottomweight that I used.

(You might need to piece the interfacing)

3. Pinning the fabric with right sides together, sew around the Christmas tree, leaving an opening for turning at the bottom. (About 5 inches) Now, if you're using the felt, you can just sew the two layers together. No turning is necessary. :)

4. Clip corners and turn the tree right side out. Press and top stitch the entire tree, including the opening at the bottom. (If using felt, skip this step)

5. Sew on the ric rack in desired placement.

6. Mark desired locations for the 25 paper clips, and then hand sew them on to the tree.

(You only need 3-4 stitches per clip)

7. Hot Glue on the buttons

8. Cut out desired shapes for ornaments and number them. At some point, I'd like to make mine a little nicer, but these will work for now. :)

9. I used this site for the daily Bible reading and Christmas hymns. Then I just wrote them on a white label and stuck them on the backs of the ornaments. Nothing fancy. ;)

10. Hang! Okay, well, I didn't hang mine. . . . I used tape! :S I know I'll regret it next month when I take it down, but I really didn't want to make holes in the wall, and I don't have any of those command hooks. If you would like to use hooks, just makes some loops out of ribbon or left over ric rack and glue them onto the back of the tree. :)

I hope this post serves as an encouragement to start some new traditions and get crafty! :) You can do it!!!



  1. That is really cute!! I love how when you have to think creatively, you find so many ways that you can do things yourself without spending money. A little tip that Chris K. taught me, use push pins to hang light weight fabric items on the wall. They leave only a tiny pinhole. It might not work because you will be touching it each day to take off an ornament, but it is an idea.

  2. lol I use push pins all the time! :) I was just afraid, as you said, that they would come out because the boys will be putting up an ornament each day. And this is in a high-traffic area of our home (right by the dining room table). :)