Friday, December 31, 2010

Another New Year's Post ;)

This morning I was greeted by a freezing cold room (according to California norms) and a pounding headache. :P But as my coffee and advil begins to kick in, I've decided to write down some observations and hopes:

2010 was an interesting year to say the least
January brought my niece to live with us
February brought Tim's job loss
March took my patience and my niece
April brought spring break with my boys
May took my husband to Texas
June brought Ethan's 10TH!!!! birthday and a trip to Texas
July brought anxiety and (at that time) my inability to deal with it
August brought the realization that we would be staying in California for the remainder
September brought school and the comfort of schedules and routine
October brought Indian Summer temps and plans for holidays
November brought together family and crafting
December brought the introduction of nightly family worship and prayer

Months don't really bring us things, do they? But sometimes it feels that way. It's almost like every month is a new year.
I could write volumes about all that the Lord has taught us in the past year. I am so very thankful for how he has brought Tim and I closer together and to our boys. I am thankful for the tangible ways that the Lord has shown His love for us by anonymous gift-givers and friends who listen.

My hopes for 2011 are simple:

Yes, I do hope for a job for my husband
that nightly family worship and prayer continues
that, by God's grace, I can become more of the wife and mother that I was born to be.

My head is full of ideas, friends! :) And my hope is in the Lord, not the number of this year.

Have a wonderful New Year's eve!!!


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  1. Hi Larissa, I haven't spoken to you in about a year. I hope and pray all is well. I just sent you an email (hope you see it). Take care - Cheryl = )