Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Back in January I joined in with the masses and typed out my goals/resolutions for this new year. If we are all totally honest with ourselves, we never really expect a lot of those goals to actually come to fruition. . . well at least I don't. Well, in about a month and a half, I can officially mark off one of my goals. Crazy, isn't it! And it just happens to be the loftiyest goals that I was aiming for!
So what is it?! The Lord has provided some industrial space for me to move Rejoice! Bags into! I am in total disbelief that this is happening, but in May Rejoice! Bags will no longer be run out of my home studio. This means so much: I will be able to hire people to help me, which means more bags, which means bigger business! So I write all this with the realization that this is still all tentative until I actually move in. In the meantime, I will continue to trust the Lord and know that He always has my best interests in mind. :)

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