Monday, October 26, 2009

Not really Vacation

I clicked on a button on Etsy this morning that said Vacation Mode. This settting puts your shop in a mode where no one can see your items, buy from you, or convo you. How I wish that I were clicking on this setting because I was going on some fabulous vacation. The fact is that I need time to be Mom right now.
I will still be sewing, but just not on such a large scale. Sewing has really become such an outlet of creativity for me. I can't imagine ever stopping now. I also am loving the idea of getting together with other ladies to sew and learn from each other. More to come on that. . :)
But for now I am just going to be finishing up my remaining Etsy orders, prepare for some shows that are coming up, begin packing up my studio, and then embracing for this new chapter in my life. whoohoo.


  1. That takes guts. Good for you for "taking some time to be Mom". Prayers and hugs sending to you...

  2. What exactly do you mean? Are you closing up the studio?? Send me a message on FB when you have a moment~cheryl

  3. Hi there,

    I just came across your blog. I totally understand where you are right now. It's hard to have a shop and care for your family. I have to always remind myself that the Lord has called me to be a wife and mother and having a shop is secondary and not the priority. We're so blessed to have a family and I want to make sure that I keep my priorities in order. A good book/bible study for that is "Extreme Spiritual Makeover Reflecting the Heart of Christ in My Priorities." It's very convicting. I hope all is going well as you take care of your family. Take care,

    Cheryl = )
    a fellow Etsy seller - lulaballou