Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Official Work Day and Pics of my Studio!

So I know that I'm excited about having time to work at the studio while theboys are at school, but it isn't without some anxiety. . . . . The realization that I am going to be working in a building, by myself, all day. This should be interesting. ;)
Here are some pics of the new place, though. And remember that it is still a work in progress! For those of you in Riverside, I'm going to try to have an opening sometime at the end of September, begining of October. Or you can just come by to visit anytime between 9 and 2!

My awesome cutting table and fabric (along with a load of stuff under it that doesn't have a home yet! )
My remnants

Awesome vintage couch in the lobby that I found at the S.A.!!!!

The view from that awesome vintage couch!

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