Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love at first sight!

I don't want to sell it. . . . .but this bag will be available for purchase this Thursday night at the Life Arts Building, 3485 University Ave. (corner of University and Lemon), Riverside, CA 92501, from 6-9
don't you just love the sparkles???


  1. I LOVE IT!!!
    I wish I lived close enough to come buy it!!

  2. haha! I thought you would like it too, Amanda! :)

  3. Did you sell my bag??? If not I want it!!! ;)

  4. Actually, I didn't end up bringing it! There is one part left to finish on it, and I just ran out of time. Do you seriously want it? :) It would be a good bag for scrapbooking. . . . hahaha :)