Friday, February 20, 2009

Hard Lesson Learned

Being a new business owner is never easy, but being a new business owner and a new designer is really hard! Here are a couple of lessons that I have learned so far:
~Never buy fabric from a local fabric store
~Never buy purse hardware from a local craft store
~Carpeting is not the best choice in a sewing studio

Okay, well those are just a few of the many, many lessons, but here is a huge one I learned this past Saturday:

~If you see a bolt of fabric that you like in Los Angeles, BUY THE WHOLE BOLT/ROLL!!!!!!!!

See that adorable green hobo bag in the photo above? There is a huge possibility that I will never be able to sew one of those again simply because I only bought 1 yard of the fabric to "try." When I went back to buy more of it, the entire bolt was gone, and the shop owner is unable to order any more of it. I am so sad, but now also totally paranoid! My next trip to LA, I could just come back with 10 rolls of fabric, who knows!!!

1 comment:

  1. bummer! I hope that you find some good stuff in LA next time and get a bunch of it! ;)