Monday, January 26, 2009


Okay, it's been a while, but "we" at Rejoice! Bags have been busy! I can officially say "we" now that the Lord has provided that help that was so desperately needed. :) We finished sewing up those bags and then some, and also created at least two new designs. The biggest news?? The Lord provided an excellent photographer named Matt Weybright to photograph my bags this past Saturday! The shoot was beyond anything that I could have imagined it would be. I really believe that these photos will be the launching pad to getting my bags sold online and elsewhere.
While researching internet sales in the last couple of months, over and over again I have read about how important the photography is. The problem was that I needed the right photographer to portray the look I wanted for my bags. Then along came Matt. He is a friend of mine from our high school youth group and is now a professional photographer. The look of his photos is very urban and chic, I was totally impressed. You can check out his photos at I know you'll love his work as much as I do!
You'll be able to see the new photos of my bags in coming weeks, but for now have fun checking out the ones on Matt's website! :)

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